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We are a team of dedicated IT specialists passionate about creating high-quality, free tools and content for the web. Our primary mission at calculator.ai is to offer a wide array of online calculators that are easily accessible to the public. Our journey began with calculators.ai in 2023.

Our website features calculators divided into four main categories: finance, health & fitness, mathematics, and miscellaneous. Each calculator is a product of our in-house development team. Some calculators incorporate open-source JavaScript components under various open-source licenses. 

Over 90% of our calculators are built upon established formulas or equations in textbooks, such as those used in our mortgage and BMI calculators. For calculators based on disputed formulas, we present the results of all widely accepted formulas, as demonstrated in our Health Calculator. Like, Financial calculators designed purely for entertainment are based on proprietary formulas. The results generated by our financial calculators have been vetted by our team of financial advisors, who leading personal financial advising firms employ. The results of our health calculators have been reviewed and endorsed by local medical practitioners. More than 99% of the descriptive content on our site is original, with a small portion sourced from other websites. Our finance team crafted and reviewed the illustrative content for our financial calculators, while local medical doctors examined the content for our health calculators.

Calculator.ai is a venture of Hubtract LLC.